Whole Dry Dog Food List

Whole Dry Dog Food List
Whole Dry Dog Food List

Whole Dry Dog Food List, dog breeding needs very special care, especially

in terms of serving food, because there are basic elements that must be

provided to dogs in order for them to be healthy and fast-growing, it is

known that one of the most prepared foods provided to dogs is dry food or

dry food and that Because it contains nutrients very beneficial to the

health of the body and bone strengthening.

What is Whole Dry Dog Food List?

Dry food or dry food is food intended for dogs and cats. It is applied in

specific amounts and proportions that cover the pet’s need for protein,

energy, vitamins, and minerals, which vary according to the type of pet,

its age, and the stage through which it passes, whether it is pregnancy,

feeding, training, or guarding, What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?.

With many brands of dry food, many people are confused about choosing

the best type to offer dry food without any industrial colorants, so we

offer the best types of dry food for dogs, which are the most rated species

on the famous Amazon website.

1- Wellness CORE Ocean Formula

This type of dry food is the most famous and most used because it contains

very rich nutritional elements that are useful for forming the bodies of

dogs as it contains broccoli, spinach, and kale. It also contains a lot of

calories that suit dogs from the age of one year and above, also it is

characterized as being completely empty. Of any artificial colors or

flavors and also contains a very high protein.

2- Wellness CORE Reduced Fat Formula

This product is the highest type of dry food rated on the Amazon website.

It consists of a large percentage of protein, about 80%. It is also completely

free of any grains, poultry, or any artificial colors. It also contains

broccoli and spinach. It also contains a small percentage of fats and is

suitable for a year old.

3- The high taste of wild Formula for dogs

Whole Dry Dog Food List

It is one of the most used products because it contains grilled venison

meat and bison meat in addition to a group of other best meats as well as

it contains antioxidants also which gives a large percentage of protein

and at the same time a small percentage of carbohydrates and is

considered one of the highest products of dry food sold on Amazon.

4- Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

Whole Dry Dog Food List

It is another type of dry food made from smoked salmon that contains

a high percentage of protein. This product also contains a lot of distinctive

vegetables and fruits that are full of vitamins and natural antioxidants

that are useful for dogs.

5- CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula

Whole Dry Dog Food List

One of the most distinguishing features of this type is that it is made up of

one hundred percent natural ingredients and is completely free from

any preservatives or artificial flavors, and it is considered a very suitable

option for dogs that have a food allergy because it is mainly made from

fresh sweet potatoes and high-quality deer meat.

6- Castor & Pollex Organic Adult Canine Formula

Among the most common types of dry food that contain a high percentage

of protein, in addition to the presence of a major source of protein, which

is turkey, fish, chicken, lamb, and beef, they are all-natural and basic

sources of protein and very useful for dogs, as it is suitable for all types

and sizes of dogs.

7- Purina Pro Plan Select Dry Adult Dog Food

Whole Dry Dog Food List

Among the best types of dry food for dogs, which is characterized as being

one of the most needed dogs in all stages of life, it contains chicken,

brown rice, and a lot of vegetables and fruits, and also contains flaxseed

oil, which is a major source of omega-3 that improves the skin of dogs.

Benefits of Whole Dry Dog Food List

  • An integrated food meal with proportions for all the nutrients your dog or cat needs.
  • Helps remove plaque buildup on teeth.
  • strengthens bones and helps in growth.
  • helps in the growth of muscles and tissues because it contains protein.
  • maintains animal hair because it contains fatty acids.
  • It does not spoil quickly and can be kept for a long time.
  • Dry food is a kind of eaten food, no harm, or side effects per se, but the topic is almost like eating our food, for example, and you are tired of eating boiled food Damages.

Damages that may arise from choosing the wrong dry food

  • Allergy due to the presence of some ingredients.
  • Rewind and diarrhea as a result of using bad types or bad food.
  • Obesity as a result of using a greater amount of dry food than they need for the pet.
  •  The formation of stones as a result of colored eating and excess salts.

Dry food better or fresh food?

Dry food is the alternative and competitor to fresh food, which works at

home, like boiled chicken and boiled vegetables, or any food that is

prepared in the house for the pet.

Fresh food is of course one of the best nutritional components that you

can give to your family, but it must be provided with all vitamins,

minerals, and the amount of daily energy that is needed. Given that this

is difficult to achieve and experimentally, most of the dogs that we have

seen eating fresh food in Egypt had problems with hair and a lack of

physical structure and directed all our advice To use dry food.

Dry Food vs. Wet Food?

  • White food is very close to dry food, but the amount of water in it can reach 80%.
  • White food has good quality and poor quality.
  • It is difficult to rely on White Food as a source of food because it is very expensive compared to dry food and it is used as a side source and is also used in sick cases for easy digestion of dry food.

Ingredients of Benefits of Whole Dry Dog Food List

The main components of dry food are usually the source of protein, such

as beef, chicken, fish, eggs or fats, as well as grains, such as corn, wheat,

starch, and a group of vitamins and minerals.

The proteins used can be meat cuts, meat leftovers, or meat processing

leftovers. Whole Dry Dog Food List As for grains, they are used to reduce

the cost of the protein used.

If the word meat is found in contrast to the product, then it means using

real meat, whether from the body, heart, diaphragm, or esophagus, or

generally any meat suitable for human use.

As for if “Meat by-product” is mentioned, it is intended for anything other

than meat, such as the lung, kidney, brain, blood, and bone, according to

the instructions of the American Animal Feed Control Organization

(AAFCO) and the instructions DE also said that the components will not be

refreshed, in which there will be hair, pods, teeth or hooves.

As for if Meat Meal was mentioned on dry food, it is described that the

product is provided by animal tissue. I mean, it is possible that any part of

the animal is present, but it is not known.

Because of this, our preference for a certain type in dry food remains on

the other type, to be specific to the type of protein source, and all that is

left is not limited, the quality decreases and our nomination for the dry

food decreases.

How to make dry food for dogs

Whole Dry Dog Food List

It is placed in a dish as an integrated meal and you can add a little warm water or soup or mix it with white food.

Consideration must be given to the amount appropriate to the age and weight of the animal, and it should be marked on the dry food package and divided equally among the number of meals per day.

The number of dog food meals per day

  • In the first six months, the amount of dry food scheduled is divided into 3 meals equally, Whole Dry Dog Food List.
  • From 6 months to one year, it is divided into two meals daily.
  • After a year, the amount of eating in one meal per day.
  • Note: Me gash prefers playing after eating to avoid any stomach problems.

How do dogs or cats return to dry food as food?

Too much, begin. How do I get my cat back on Dry Food?

  • If a dog or cat is accustomed to eating fresh food, it will be difficult to transfer to dry food once, so it will be done gradually over four days.
  • On the first day, I used ¾ fresh meal and ¼ dry food.
  • The second day ½ fresh and ½ dry food, Whole Dry Dog Food List.
  • As for the third day ¼ fresh and ¾ dry food.
  • And on the fourth day, the meal is completely dry food.

How do you choose the most suitable dry food for your dog?

1- Check the protein source inside the dry food

Whole Dry Dog Food List

first, need I need is a source of protein, the most important of them is the first 3 sources written on the package, and of course, they are labeled as beef, poultry, chicken, or fish. As for if written by meat by-products, this means that the protein is of poor quality.

the first 3 components of a plant protein are not animal, this protein remains a little quality and is not suitable because dogs and cats are meat eaters and a large part of dogs and cats are very sensitive to vegetable protein.

And there are certain products on the market that will be labeled “Grain-Free” or “Gluten-Free”. This is of course better, Whole Dry Dog Food List but it is more expensive and with a big difference.

If your dog or cat ate eating pills, it is necessary to follow up if his back is allergic to him, such as the appearance of symptoms related to eating, such as skin problems or diarrhea, and a return or a decrease in weight.

2- Fat

Dari Food is the best in quality is the source of the fat is mentioned in it, but what is not written on the source is, of course, less in the evaluation

3- Pay attention to the age group

Whole Dry Dog Food List

It is necessary to know very well if the dry food is suitable for the age of your dog or cat, or for example, for puppies and small cats, protein, and energy must be higher than adults to form their muscles and provide them with the appropriate energy, so their body has specific eating. Age information will be found in dry food packages.