Top tips for leaving your dog home alone & how long is okay

Top tips for leaving your dog home alone & how long is okay

Tips before leaving your dog alone at home. If you find yourself forced to leave your dog alone at home, you will definitely feel anxiety and stress exactly as your dog will feel when you leave him every time and go to work or to meet your friends.

Certainly you notice the sad expression on your dog’s face and his sad look at you when you have to leave him at home and go out, you may feel guilty for leaving him alone especially when you hear your dog crying when you close the door of the house and ready to go out.

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Sometimes it may increase, whether when you return to find your dog has torn carpets or scratched doors and bitten your shoes and other behavior and behavior is not desirable from dogs.

Therefore, in this article, we give you some advice that you must do before leaving the dog alone at home without any problems may occur.

What do dogs do when we leave them alone?
Many dog ​​breeders wonder what their dogs do when they are left alone at home. In fact, this question has many answers because the behavior of dogs is similar and often different.

Dogs act according to their personality, some dogs may spend time sleeping or waiting behind the door of the house until they return with listening to any strange movement outside the door of your home and bark to scare away any outsiders or strangers believed to threaten his place of living.

Others dogs may spend their time tearing shoes, tightening curtains, jumping on the sofa, and doing all the activities that prevent you from them while you are in your home.

While the last section may panic and hide somewhere in the house until you return.

Steps to take before leaving your dog alone

One of the most difficult moments for pet breeders, especially dogs, is the sadness look that appears on the dog’s face and eyes when you have to leave at home and go, so we give you some advice that will reduce the dog’s feeling of loneliness while leaving the house and going to spend your daily chores.

1 – Make your dog feel safe
In order to provide a fun and safe time for your dog when you leave the house you can try training your dog to sit in the cage while outside your home.

Dogs may resist the idea of ​​sitting in the cage at first, but this is normal, but it deserves some effort in training.

The cage will enable you to restrict the movement of the dog in one place and thus you will avoid any devastating effects that the dog may have during your absence. The cage will also ensure your dog has a feeling of complete safety.

2 – Provide adequate entertainment for the dog during your absence
You can occupy your dog’s times by leaving some of his favorite toys with him while you are away.

Each dog cares about some toys more than others and spends hours with them without getting bored, so you can discover your dog’s favorite toys and leave them to him while he is left alone at home.

Games will ensure your dog is always busy, thus not destroying the house and not feeling lonely while you are away.

3 – Try to be in contact with your dog during your absence.
Modern technology now enables us to communicate better with humans, and so do pets.

Some unconventional ideas that can be used while you are away and leaving the dog alone at home are the use of surveillance cameras and wireless microphones.

You can install some cameras around your home and control them via your smartphone. You can also send messages to your dog and talk to him remotely if you notice an aggressive behavior, loneliness or panic.

Just hearing your dog will make it quieter and more disciplined, and will ensure you reduce the periods of stress or chaos it will cause while you are away.

How long can we leave the dog alone?

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