Thinking of Buying A New Dog? Think Twice

Dogs… they are the best pets ever as they are considered the man’s best friends. However,most those who decide to get a pet, especially a dog, take this choice without thoroughly thinking and preparing for this new experience. Actually, most people see a dog or a puppy, fall in love with this cute bundle of fur and bring it home. However, after a short time, they realize that they don’t really know much about dog breeds, dog behavior, training dogs, socializing and establishing rules…

Since some owners have no idea about training, socializing and making their pooch truly a good dog, they just skip it. Then they complain that their dog is not responding.

Therefore, if you wanna avoid this scenario, make sure to do some searches and know more about owning a dog before getting one, or you can follow the tips below to be a better owner for a new dog and avoid making such mistakes.

1. Buying a certain dog must be for a genuine reason, not for just being so adorable.

Actually, many statistics showed that 9 times out of 10 new dog owners declared that they got their dog because it is so cute and affordable.

However, choosing your dog is not like choosing a puppet, and it must be chosen except after after making some researches about this breed and realizing whether you can handle this cute creature or not.

Actually, each type of dogs has certain personality, traits, needs and special exercises which go along with their breed. Therefore, the dog owner must check all these factors then choose his preferred dog.

  1. Not Putting rules for your dog since the first dayYou got the puppy, then what? Your work is not done yet, actually, it has just begun.

Notice that you can’t just live with the dog and set it free without any rules, or things will tend to be a big mess as the dog will do anything without knowing whether it is good or bad. Additionally, you can’t blame and punish it as you didn’t teach it how to behave, learn the sit command, loose leash walking, etc.
Don’t think that your puppy is so young to learn, as it is ready to learn everything at 8 weeks, so set your rules once your puppy enter your home to avoid any problem.

3. Not completely stricted with the rules
You made the rules and taught your dog. Now you have to be strict with it regarding following every single rule.

4. Thinking that bad behaviors will change by time

Don’t think that your dog will learn and stop misbehaving by its own, as if you just leave it to act as it likes, things may get worse than before.

5. Not socializing with others on time
We all know that dogs are the most friendly pets; however, you need to do some work and follow guidelines if you want your dog to socialize with new people and other dogs. Additionally, it is better to socialize your dog early in life.

  1. Mistaking Stubbornness For Fear
    Rules are made to be followed and not to make excuses for your dog if it doesn’t follow.

If your dog refused to go for a walk and socialize with others or didn’t respond to cues in public places, etc, don’t just say that it is just being stubborn as it may really be anxious and frightened. In such case, it is better to take it to a professional trainer to help you teaching your dog to behave appropriately.