Here are 8 Signs You’re A Dog Person & Proud!

Do you believe in love at first sight, especially when you see an animal? I believed in it when I first decided to get a dog, went to a shelter and saw my Mia, my adopted four-legged friend! I instantly fell in love with her when I laid eyes on her and knew she’s the girl I’m taking home today!

Of course, my life changed ever since I welcomed her into my family, the place was full of doggy love all the time, and no matter what I was never alone!

So what are the 8 signs you are a dog person?

1. I’m His Or Her Mom Or Dad!

Yup, I always refer myself as Mia’s mother! It sounds just right, she’s my fluffy baby. Same applies to you, if you refer yourself as the parent of your dog all the time, then you’re 100% a dog person.

2. You Have A Wet Alarm!

Now, I’d rather wake up with Mia next to me, softly licking my face to wake me up for work and mistakenly on weekends! I hate the buzzing sound of an alarm clock and I prefer to wake up with my dog’s love, don’t you?

3. Sharing Your bed with your dog!

Some dog ownersdon’teven like getting their dogs on their beds. But, true dog lovers won’t mind their dogs sleeping next to them, in fact, call their dogs to bed to sleep together! That’s a powerful sign you’re a dog person.

4. You Don’t Want To Leave Your Dog Alone.

On weekends, your friends are calling you to hang out, but, all you’re thinking of is your dog and that you can’t leave your dog alone. I can totally relate to this, most weekends I spend it at home with Mia or go somewhere dog friendly, but I can’t leave my best fluffy friend alone!

5. When Always Find Time To Play with your dog!

We’re living in a busy life these days, and sometimes it gets overwhelming! But, no matter what you always find time to play and cuddle your dog because they mean a lot to you and you find it a must to spend time with them.

6. Dog Voice Taking Over.

When you talk to your dog, you use a certain tone of voice, and dog owners can relate here to what I’m saying. Now, when you are a dog person you find yourself dog-talking most of the day, like; “Awww that’s soo cute!” and stuff like that. It’s nothing bad, dog persons will appreciate it! However, some don’t like it.

7. SkypingWith Your Dog.

Whenever you travel abroad or talking to a friend abroad, you have to show the people you are talking to your dog and we just can’t explain why. As, dog persons, we feel it’s important for others to see our dog because our dogs are just as important as we are!

8. A Birthday Party For Your Dog.

To make this point simple, our dog is actually a family member, and wedon’t see our dog as an animal.But we see them as a human that we’re madly in love with and deserves to have a birthday party, a cake, decorations, and invite over his or her dog friends from all over the neighborhood.

So, are you a true dog person?