Get some inspiration from Strudel, the Obese Dog whose Fitness Journey Is Remarkable

Get some inspiration from Strudel, the Obese Dog whose Fitness Journey Is Remarkable
Strudel, chunky golden retriever has become an inspiration for all the people who are concern for overweight pets because of its dramatic weight loss.
Obesity has become a serious health problem in USA. Cats and Dogs are also getting affected by this problem. An Extra pound in your body can prove very dangerous and get you serious health issues and a lower quality of life.
When owners of dog training business “Zoom Room Virginia Beach”, Kristy and John Cotthaus, came to know about Strudel during summer, they decided to help her.

Strudel before her training session with Kristy and John Cotthaus
The 7-year-old Strudel weighed almost 81 pounds and suffered from serious problems like inflammation of joints. Earlier, Strudel was taken care by her elderly owner but after her death, she came into the care of dog rescue group Hearts for Hounds .
But her treatment started when she came into the notice of Kristy and John Cotthaus. She was provided free fitness services and a proper diet plan was prepared with the help of a veterinarian to help her in losing weight. An agility course was also designed for her.
Usually it’s very difficult to motivate dogs and to motivate them, you have to provide them with treats, toys and praise but Strudel was easy to deal with. She was not provided with any treats or toys because it seems like while looking at her that she is self motivated. She herself wants to lose weight. Strudel co-operated in everything planned for her i.e.: in her agility course.

Strudel during her training session
Hearts for Hounds has put Strudel for adoption, and in the meanwhile she’s being taken care of and encouraged by volunteer Kristen Horton. Kristen Horton is very much impressed by her because of her dedication towards losing weight.
She can’t stop praising about Strudel. In an email, she told that Strudel is the sweetest animal she ever met. She has patience, friendly, loves to play, cuddle, and walk, and is properly trained.
Strudel has lost 25 pounds weight so far and become an energetic dog now. She has to leave her first foster home because losing weight made her a little too dynamic around another family pet and they believe that she is fast enough to antagonize their cat. So, she has to leave.
After losing weight, Strudel would actively participate in a home with other dogs as well as kids. Her cat-chasing capacity has now become evident. There is a special clause in her adoption that whoever adopts Strudel will have to take care of her diet and exercise. Also, her joint problems make it difficult for her to take the stairs, so a home where climbing stairs is not must. A vet is soon going to evaluate Strudel to see if she’s suffering from any health issues.

Strudel after weight loss
According to Horton, Strudel is already a winner as she won a battle against a major challenge i.e.: obesity. And now she can live a much more normal dog life. Horton considered her as a miracle.