For hobbyist dogs – a comprehensive guide to the best ways for beginners

For hobbyist dogs – a comprehensive guide to the best ways for beginners

Dog breeding for beginners Most people currently want to raise dogs but they do not know the early days of dog breeding at home and hobbyists are people who have never brought dogs, so what is dog breeding and how to train them and thus we will learn about that in our next topic on our site so follow this article with us.


How are small dogs raised for beginners?
Breeding dogs It is preferable to buy a puppy dog ​​who is from the age of two months to three months until his character and system are recognized because the adult dog will not have the ability to tame it or to learn his style and lifestyle, and therefore it is preferable to buy a puppy and distance from large dogs which will not You allow an owner to own it.

Types of small dogs
Small breeds and types of dogs are characterized by their beauty and softness, as many people want to raise them, especially girls, due to the ease of raising it.

Thus a puppy or small dog is any dog ​​whose average weight is less than 10 kg and its body height is less than 45 centimeters.

Among the most famous types and breeds of small dogs is the Mexican Chihuahua dog is a highly intelligent and fierce dog as there is a type of Icelandic dogs called Pomeranian due to the great similarity between him and his owl, which is a very pet type that loves to play and move and is never afraid.

There is a type of dog called beige, which is one of the ancient breeds, and we find another type called Shih Tzu, which is characterized by its soft fur, and it loves pampering, attention and care. This type also loves to play and play, and that his hair be brushed.

The beginning of the dog at home
The puppy is very similar to the little boy as he greatly needs tenderness, kindness and extreme love At first the dog will be very afraid because he is in a strange place among strangers.

But after about a quarter to half an hour has passed, we will find him start moving around and cursing at everything.

The puppy will start sniffing all the private chairs and furnishings in the room in which you are located, and as an amateur you only have to let him discover in comfort the place.

Even if this place is not the place to live and settle in.

Puppy Food & Drink


He should not be given food or water as soon as he arrives, but he has to get used to the place and his awe is broken, and then he starts playing with you.

Thus, about an hour after his arrival to your home, the food is served to him, making sure to place the food in the place of his stay. As for the time for eating his food, he normally takes his food around four times a day and makes simple meals because he is still young.

It is preferable not to overburden the puppy when playing and moving a lot because it resembles a small child and therefore must remain in the house and that this accommodation contains good lighting with good ventilation and does not have moisture.

The place must also be staying on an old walker with a piece of cardboard under it in order not to sleep on the tiles.

A container must be placed for water to have clean water with this water changing during one day from four to six times and throughout the day you will find the puppy howling and making noises and may continue for several hours in a row.

It certainly must not be answered or issued any position towards him, but rather must be left completely, that successive screaming will continue for three to four days.

Ways to care for a puppy
Dogs must be vaccinated immediately after raising them, i.e. bathing them, and then they are given an insect vaccination, whether it is found or not.

Vaccination is in the form of injections that are sprayed on the back and neck and are anti-insects and fleas. As for worms, we find tablets and drinking that are taken daily for a week every month until you protect them from diseases caused by worms.

It is given injections, medications and spraying through a veterinarian or in a pharmacy with a department dedicated to animal welfare.

You can find out whether or not there are insects in your dog’s body by bathing him with shampoo while drying his body with his towel and looking at his hair, ear, and between his fingers and under his armpits.

Eliminate the need for a puppy
In the matter of eliminating the need, there is no difficulty or strenuous attempts to do that. On the contrary, after eating his food, take him on the street or outside the house.

Preferably, when the need is fulfilled, he is given a cookie with a freshman while he is doing it until he knows that he has done a good job.


Daily life of the puppy
He should not be hit hard while making a mistake because he is young, but it can only be slowly pinched so that he is not a coward and afraid of you later.

The puppy should get used to the collar, especially at this age.

Information about Dogs training
The reward, which is one of the important things in dog training and is given to them upon response to orders.

We should not give the dog a reward without reason, so that the dog can take care of carrying out the orders in the right way and be an incentive for him.

breed dogs Attention should be paid to regular exercise for the dog, such as jumping, running, and dribbling, as well as exercises for sitting, lying down, executing orders, etc. without prejudice or default at regular intervals.

These exercises and exercises help the dog to extract the pent-up energy that is in it and also so that the dog does not become obese and inactive.

Keep in mind that dog orders and instructions are not inconsistent.

If we set a rule for the dog to actually implement and adhere to it and do not compromise in violating the dog’s orders and ignoring it, breed dogs it is not advised to offer a lot of kindness to fierce dogs.

Also, it is not allowed to touch, fondle or feed ferocious dogs from strangers.

And it is preferable to deal with it except from its owner only so that it does not get used to strangers and its leader is only its owner teaching ferocious dog or attack starts from the fourth month.

best ways to breed dogs
A language of dialogue must be created between the dog and the breeder, and each command has a sign of a specific word, such as “attack, sit, come, etc.”

breed dogs The trainer must care all the time that the dog is obedient to orders and that he completely controls it, even if the dog reaches the fierce stage does not attack the trainer and obey his orders.

The most important exercises that the dog should train

Sit on the seat
It came within the lessons of information about dogs, feeding, training and breeding that the dog is trained to sit the dog on the seat without a chain in a vertical position and look forward without mobility when asked to sit and only moves about.

Teach the dog to sleep firmly on the floor
It is a relaxing mode and within lessons information about dogs that fed, breed dogs trained and breeded, in which the dog is stretched and its hind legs extend forward and backward in a relaxing position also in the sense that the entire body in the abdomen is on the ground.

Dog response when he hears his name and calls
And this training is considered one of the most important exercises, and success in it is considered the largest measure of the dog’s training skill.

Whereas, as soon as he locks him on the dog, the breeder responds to the call, leaves his position and complies with the orders. This is an important lesson from training to comply with orders.

Important information about dog nutrition
There are many types of meals that are provided to dogs as food for them, including what is sold dry, semi-dry, or canned.

Including what is made at home specifically for dogs.

Including eating the home, but dog breeders must take into account that there is appropriate eating and eating inappropriate for dogs.

This is some important information about the nutrition of small puppy dogs that can be fed low-fat milk, and they must be provided all the time with food so that their sugar level does not decrease and at the age of a year or more.


Breed dogs
Dog needs one meal per day or two meals in parallel, but not in large quantities. Dogs can be fed canned food, dry and half dry, and eggs, whether boiled or raw, and there is cheese and yogurt.

Vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins, and fruit such as apple slices, raw meat and raw bones, salmon, and cooked chicken breasts.

The dog can be fed with home food, breed dogs but in specified quantities and taking into account prohibited foods.

Foods that contain sugars, chocolate, grapes and raisins, alcohol, drinks that contain caffeine, bread, garlic, onions, avocado, and nuts should be avoided.

Fatty foods should be avoided, and some people may erroneously believe that the dog loves meat, and that is why he gives it with existing fat.

But this has bad effects on the dog, causing obesity, lethargy, difficulty in movement, and many health problems.

Be careful not to introduce broken bones to dogs, as they may have pointed ends that hurt the dog’s intestine.

Large and healthy bones prefer uncooked pasta very dangerous for dogs because they infect them with bloating, abdominal pain and loss of focus.

He should set fixed dates to provide meals for dogs and not to change them and give the dog sufficient water, especially in the summer.

The dog should be given a meal consisting of vegetables and rice a week, as it provides the dog with important vitamins, vitamins and protein.


Dog breeding methods
Food should be provided daily to the dog according to its weight as follows: The meal that a dog that weighs 9 kilograms and less needs is 170 grams of meat, and 56 grams of grains.

A dog that weighs more than 9 kilograms needs half a kilogram of meat, and 113 grams of grains per day.

Dogs need exercise to burn calories.

Maintaining fitness for dogs.

If the dog develops diarrhea or vomiting, you should immediately refer to the doctor and not feed the dog anything before the doctor’s approval.

Steps to make your little dog a graceful and lightweight dog
One of the nice things to learn while learning how to train small dogs is learning how to play with a puppy.

This is through games that can be made manually by the puppy’s owner or can be purchased, and one of the games that the puppy can play is to bring a small ball for the puppy and throw it away and order him to go and pick it up.

But when the puppy feels bored, he must stop and start other activities, and one of the benefits of these games is building the self-confidence of the puppy, and teaching him to control himself and determine what he needs.

Locate a puppy indoors
One of the most important steps in how to train small dogs is also to locate a puppy indoors.


Where the place allocated to it is determined in the first months of the beginning of the training, which makes its training easier and less tiring.

When teaching small dogs about this at home, it is easy to train them to eliminate their need in the right place.

Thus, it can be moved more quickly outside the home when it is guaranteed that it will go to the designated place.

The puppy can know the places assigned to him, no matter how large the space given to him.