Denver Laws Against Leaving Pets in Cold Weather

When it is cold outside, make sure that your pets are in a safe place away from this cold weather as they don’t deserve to be out in this weather that could result in their death.

In Denver, the officials make sure that this is not happening, where Denver Animal Protection (DAP), as well as Denver Public Works, are working together to remind the owners of pets about the dangers of leaving their pets in cold weather.

Tough and harsh punishments have been developed by the city ordinance for any owner that leaves their pets without offering them the proper protection against the cold.

Charges and maybe jail could be the punishment for those who put their dogs or cats outside during cold weather without providing them the appropriate shelter or offering them an insulated pet house.

According to KDVR, the amount of the charges could reach 999$, and for the jail, it could be a one year of jail.

So, why not to leave your pets in cold weather?

It is important not to leave your pets outside in cold weather for long periods without providing them the proper protection as this could, unfortunately, lead to hypothermia, which means an extreme lowering in the body temperature of pets.

So, pet owners should keep their pets warm and if they have no outdoor shelter for their animals, then this will limit the time their pets spend outside.

In addition, it is important for pets’ owners to think about offering sweaters and booties for dogs especially for the walks in the cold weather.

Here are some safety tips that could keep your pets safe in cold weather:

Make sure that your pet has access to water and that their water source doesn’t freeze when they are living outside, and in case that the weather is getting too cold you should bring your outdoor pet to inside.

Try never to leave your pet outdoors unattended, because maybe during snow storms your pets become confused and lost and cannot find their way back to home. So, it is very important to keep your pets wearing their ID tags.

Some dogs may be sensitive to the cold due illness, age or maybe due to breed type, in such case, you should take your dog outdoors only to relieve himself/herself.

Extreme temperatures are much harder on pets that are either very young or very old, so, it is important to pay attention and adjust your winter care of your pet.

Ethylene Glycol, is very poisonous to pets, and it tends to have a sweet smell and a taste that could attract many animals, so, it very important to make sure to clean up any leaks from your car that your pet may expose to, and if accidentally it happened, then you should urgently call your veterinarian or the poison control center.

So, usually make sure to keep your pets warm in cold weather to avoid jail and charges.