Amazing Fire Fighters Rescued A Poor Pit bull Life In A Burning Building!

It was some horrifying moments when this precious pit bullwas trapped in the burning building! Titus (the little pup) wasn’t just saved from the fire, but the amazing team of firefighters of New York City decided to go further. They decided to give Titus a better life!

How did they rescue Titus?

Here’s what happened, the fire was in downtown Newburgh burning up a three-story brick building, it had a barbershop on the first floor, and, of course, apartments above.As the firefighter’s team worked to contain the terrible fire, they heard people reporting that there were two puppies in the burning building & missing from the apartment.

First, they found one of the two puppies, but when they tried to revive the precious pup (they were performing CPR), there was no luck. With this tragic event, the team went back again anxiously searching for the other puppy praying that they save his life.

As they were about to the leave the apartment and lost hope of ever finding Titus, Lt. Anthony Muhammad asked the team to be quiet as he heard a dog softly winning! That was Titus and he was alive!

As the team rushed into the bedroom quickly, trying to find Titus, Lt. Anthony Muhammad flipped the bed over and there he was in fear and almost lifeless because of the heavy fire! Dexter, a firefighter, took Titus and they all went outside as Dexter treated Titus with Oxygen and trying to take care medically of the pup’s burns and Jimmy Moore, another firefighter, was helping out.

The precious pit bull pup, Titus, was only 6 to 8 weeks old. The firefighter team took Titus quickly and he was taken care of at a veterinary hospital. Sadly, Titus has burns all over his body and is now taking 4 different medicines to treat him and also a topical cream to treat his third-degree burns.

The best part:

The best heart melting part is that despite Titus injuries and what he has been through in the fire, he had the amazing spirit of a little puppy that we’re all expecting!Titus would love to run around and play and doesn’t mind the burns on his body or the medicines he’s taking.

The Shocking thing:

News 12 Hudson Valley reported that Titus owners said that they didn’t want Titus! Dexter, after inspecting the owner’s apartment was the fire originated, found it in very poor conditions and suspects that it was a puppy mill!

What happens to Titus?

Jimmy Moore, one of the firefighters who rescued Titus, fell in love with him and wanted to adopt the precious pup with no hesitation!

Dexter said; “Early that day Moore was saying to me that we was thinking about getting a new puppy so his dog, which is the brother to my dog, would have a friend to play with when he was away.”

“Although it was a little sooner than he expected, we knew it was meant to be. Jimmy was a little concerned about how much the vet bills would cost, [so] I told him I would co-own the dog with him and help him out [financially], but he would have primary care of the dog. I think Titus will have a much better life.”