10 Most Dangerous Dog in the World

dog Doberman

Most Dangerous Dogs in the World, the dog’s loyalty and loyalty to its owner often outperform the loyalty and loyalty of a friend from humans to his owner, but despite this common notion that in some cases there are breeds of Dangerous dogs that do not accept not being treated as they should, they turn Quickly to ferocious and predatory monsters that don’t know the friend. We review in this report the strongest and most dangerous Dogs 10 types of dogs that are used for hunting and guarding.

10 most dangerous dogs in the world

10- Dalmatian dog:

⦁ Origin: Balkans, India.
⦁ Weight: 40-70 lbs.
⦁ Height: 20-24 inches.

All children of the 80 and 90 remember the cartoon movie 101 Dog which was shown by Disney American, and in the movie Dalmatians were most of the cartoon characters. But the Dalmatian dog is not as nice as it was portrayed. This white, spotted dog with a weight of about 40 kg is sometimes the fiercest hound. Although it is found in abundance in European countries, its lineage is descended from the country of India.

This breed is characterized by vigor, vitality, strength and intelligence, and is the first strain to spread in Europe, Asia and Africa. It was used by humans for wars, hunting, cattle driving and border guarding. Now it has become a symbol of the English firefighter.

In fact, although the Dalmatian is aggressive towards humans, but if he is trained from a young age, he will become very friendly and kind, and most Europeans raise this species for its beauty and its strong obedience to its owner.

9- dog saint bernard:

dog saint bernard

⦁ Origin: Switzerland.
⦁ Weight: 50-70 lbs.
⦁ Height: 24-28 inches.

This dog is about 80 cm high, and may reach 100 cm, and it is the type that lives in very cold places, so it is often found in Russian homes. Although its size is very large, it deals with kindness with its owner.

St. Bernard dogs have a great degree of intelligence despite their sleepy form all the time, as St. Bernard dogs are known for their calm nature and patience, they are obedient and slow-moving social dogs.

Saint Bernard dogs need brushing three times a week, and St. Bernard dog nails need to trim twice a month, and ears need to be cleaned on a weekly basis, and in general St. Bernard dogs need dogs to shower and clean permanently.

What distinguishes this dog the most is the size of his large and wide skull bones and his strong sharp teeth that are able to tear anything he wants, and this dog is often used in guarding thanks to the large size that can scare any creature approaching the house.

8- dog Great Dan:

⦁ Origin: Denmark.
⦁ Weight: 50-63 lbs.
⦁ Height: 26-32 inches.

Great Dan has strong, rigid bones that adorn his huge muscular body. He also has a long, smooth neck, and his shiny fur is usually bright. The male’s length ranges from 76 to 81 centimetres, while the female’s length ranges from 71 to 76 Its weight ranges from 50 to 63 kg, while the male’s weight ranges from 63 to 80 kg. The Great Dane can carry different colors such as blue, dark gray, bright yellow, and black, as well as the inscription.

No one wants to be bitten by a dog weighing 90 kg, but although it is one of the most dangerous dogs, it is considered one of the dangerous dogs preferred for dog breeds, because of its loyalty and devotion to its owner.

This type of dog is called a German poodle, and the Dane dog, and the majestic shape and dignity of the Great Dan has contributed to it. In making him the dog of choice for the layer of kings and princes, this dog has a high degree of courage and vitality, and when he makes his decision to move; He moves his feet apart and then moves confidently towards his target.

7- dog Doberman:

⦁ Origin: Germany.
⦁ Weight: 65-90 lbs.
⦁ Height: 25-30 inches.

Who among us does not know this family that we saw a lot in police films? This family is characterized by intelligence and sincerity, but its sincerity will be only for its owner, it hates strangers and does not like competition with other dogs.

This graceful dog is characterized by wonderful flexibility, and a prominent muscular body, which enables it to chase the prey caught by its owner, it is one of the most important hunting dogs that must be accompanied by fans of this hobby.

The Doberman has become one of the most important guard and war dogs, because he is brave and is not afraid of anything, and the average Doberman age is from 10 to 12 years.

6- dog Alaska:

⦁ Origin: North America.
⦁ Weight: 80-110 lbs.
⦁ Height: 23-28 inches.

This breed of dogs is characterized by extreme intelligence and great ability to live in the coldest lands in the world, and besides its great intelligence it is characterized by a graceful body and great energy, making it the No. 1 dog in homes in cold areas.

The Alaskan kingdom is characterized by mood, and if he feels disappointed and bored he becomes very aggressive and destructive, so he is in great need of attention and a lot of play. It is also characterized by its very large size and durability. Therefore, the ASC is used in the cold areas for carriage, and the average life of the ASC is from 12 to 14 years.

5- Husky dog:

⦁ Origin: Siberia.
⦁ Weight: 35-55 lbs.
⦁ Height: 20-24 inches.

He is very similar to the ascendant dog and the wild wolves, but he is much more beautiful and stronger than that. This dog, weighing forty kilograms, is used by the police forces in cold snowy areas, thanks to its high ability to withstand frost.

These dogs were used in the past to transport goods on a sleigh. She lives in cold and polar regions, is smart and energetic and loves to live with other members of her lineage. Husky is more like a wolf than a dog. Husky howls like wolves and rarely barks!

Husky lives on the principle of “nothing in life, free of charge.” He is stubborn and controlling, and 15 deaths were recorded in the United States in 2000 because of his bite!

4- German Shepherd Dog:

⦁ Origin: Germany.
⦁ Weight: 70-85 lbs.
⦁ Height: 22-26 inches.

What is certain is that it is the most famous type of dog ever, and it is widely used in security research and guarding, and its intelligence and strength have caused it to be used by special forces in carrying out the most dangerous military operations.

The German Shepherd is used as a police dog and in wars, to track down criminals, to uncover prohibited items such as drugs and to warn soldiers about the presence of enemies. Germanic is distinguished by its intelligence, speed, power and ease of training in obedience to man, and it is considered one of the most popular animals in the world.

It has a strong jaw and round eyes, and the average German lifespan is from 7 to 10 years. But, of course, outsiders never tolerate it.

3- Dog Root Wheeler:

⦁ Origin: Germany.
⦁ Weight: 85-110 lbs.
⦁ Height: 23-27 inches.

It is one of the fiercest and strongest types of dogs ever. This dog has a strong body and a prominent muscle ratio, and is of huge size, sometimes weighing about 60 kg in this breed.

These dogs carry aggressive instincts of their youngness, but they are nonetheless fond of children, very obedient and eager to work. But what distinguishes the root more that he can swim skillfully. His only weakness during combat is his tail, and his owners often cut off his tail while he was young!

2- Pitbull dog:

⦁ Origin: United States.
⦁ Weight: 30-55 lbs.
⦁ Height: 18-22 inches.

It is one of the most insidious breeds of humans, as it has a different mood from other dogs, and even its owner cannot muddy its mood or prevent it from doing what you want, as these dogs are among the most common types of dogs that kill children in the United States of America.

The pitbull is distinguished from other dogs by not leaving its competitor alive, so it closes its mouth to the prey until it loses its life, and it has many precedents in killing until humans have not escaped from it. Airlines have imposed restrictions on air travel for the Pitbull family, and insurance companies have also increased insurance rates for them because of their repeated aggression.

1- Caucasian dog:

⦁ Origin: Russia.
⦁ Weight: 60-73 lbs.
⦁ Height: 24-30 inches.

It is the fiercest types of dogs, the most dangerous Dogs and largest as well. Because she has thick hair, she will think for the first time that she is black, not dogs. And because these dogs are strong and bulky in size, they need a tired, strong-body, and sharp-tempered person just like him in order to control them. This dog does not acquiesce except for an owner who matches it in size and strength.

The Caucasian dog is less active and inactive, but in a moment it can turn into a fierce and fierce animal with other dogs when it is at risk to threaten its family, and due to this and in the case of the need to raise a Caucasian dog by people, this needs a special breeder, so that it can be dealt with all strength And warned.

It also enjoys good health and long life and has an average life span of between 10-12 years. On the other hand, the Caucasus dog can experience several health problems that result from its severe use by breeders. Among these problems are: defects in joint tissues and disorders Heart and obesity, and to prevent these problems from occurring Caucasian dogs are trained through various activities such as chasing specific balls or hiking, which helps to maintain its activity.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World