Top 10 Dog Fails – Look

Top 10 Dog Fails

Funny dog ​​positions Many of the funny situations and jokes that pass
through our lives, whether those that we fight in person or we see it by
chance when it happens to other people.

Dog funny Dog funny

But some situations are more fun and novel when they occur between animals,
especially those animals known to have enmity between them such as cats
and mice, or cats and dogs, that feed on each other.

Despite the enmity that may be entrenched in our minds between cat and
mouse, cat and dog, which focused on the most popular cartoon films for
children, which is a series of “Tom and Jerry” episodes.

However, the reality contains many surprises between the relationships
of these animals to each other, especially that relationship between the
cat and the dog, in which we used to be the strongest and fiercest dog.

However, some of the video clips captured by the positions of the two
groups monitored several mirrored cases in which the cat is the strongest
or the two appear in the case of Wood’s harmony without any hostilities.

Funny situations cats and dogs

dog cat

One of the funny videos that people keen on raising a dog and cat in the
same house, was that the cat sometimes appeared chasing and hitting the
dog contrary to what is known and expected from the strength and ferocity
of the dog, which is natural to fear the cat, but the opposite in these cases
was happening.

Dogs and cats also appeared in various scenes playing with each other in
entertaining chases, and at other times, the cat was expelled the dog from
his bed to sleep in place.

But the situation that was more funny, was to force a cat dog to take
a picture with him, when he saw his owner’s dog taking pictures of him on
his mobile phone, he rushed outside to bring the cat, who dragged him to
the ground, forced him to sit in front of him, then helped him raise his head
to look at The camera in order to have a photo that brings them together.

The best positions for dogs

dog funny

It is known that pet dogs are very faithful and love their owners, and the
happiest times are playing times with their owner, but certainly given the
daily concerns of the dog owner, he has to go to work and spend his needs,
and this time is a time of boredom for dogs, and this is the time that every
dog ​​owner fears.

How dogs spend their spare time

dog funny

At this time the dog begins to search for something to play with in order to
spend the boring period of void for him, and at this moment the catastrophes
begin either for the owner of the dog or for the dog personally who sets
himself very difficult positions, and may be funny at the same time.

Today we thought to bring you some funny pictures of some naughty
dogs that are trying to find something to play and have fun with in the
absence of their owner, we hope you like it.

Dog positions with food
Dogs are not ashamed of their love of food, as every dog ​​owner knows.
If you have food in front of you, ensure that your dog will be in a region
very close to you at those moments, and you will see his sad looks at your
food, and he may start begging for a piece .. If you do not have Dog You
should see these pictures of dogs that could not resist our food.

But you must be strong and don’t give in to all the begging methods your
dog uses at those moments, especially since dogs know how to get what
they want using all of their methods and weapons.

In the group of pictures that you will see is a group of the most depicted
pictures of dogs begging to their owner to give them a piece or a slice of
food that he eats from, where sad looks and tactical moves to reach the
place of food.

The funniest positions for dogs

top dogs failsdog cat

Dog lovers and their breeders are considered to be part of the family, as
they care about their food and space, and the presence of dogs in a place
gives him a lot of joy and activity because of the extra movement and activity.

After spending a busy day chasing anything, running after a cat, or
intimidating the postman, there is nothing else that the dog wants other
than an afternoon nap, to rest a little after a great effort of running and
intimidating any passing person.

Dogs also believe that only sweet laughs are what make the photo sweet,
so they smile with their smiles on each photo, adding joy sometimes,
wit and amazement at other times, so we show with pictures the 10 funniest
smiles for cute dogs around the world.

The Powred Panda website said dogs are one of the funniest animals that
love photography. They can stand lightly and gracefully in front of the camera
and are not afraid of flash unlike other animals.

Pets stay more than just a living creature with you at home, they keep your
companions on what you care about them, they also care about you, pets
who can live with you at home are more than two types.

but the quarrel between people is always based on two types,
they are dogs and cats, people who see Dogs are more fulfilling
and people see the cats sweeter and the quarrel begins, but the truth
is that every animal has advantages.

The advantages of dogs at home
1- If you have a dog, this will help you move more or exercise at least
walking, because the dog must walk in the day at least half an hour and
you walk with it every day, this will help your health improve more.

2- You will feel less pressure, and many studies have said that when you
play with your dog or watch your dog, this reduces the feeling of pressure
or fatigue.

3- Your social life will improve, because you often go along with the
dog with your people, and they will stop you and talk to you.

4- Your children will be less susceptible to allergies because most children
who grow up in a house with dogs will remain less susceptible to it when
they grow up.

5- You will feel less depression or you will be less likely to get it because
dog breeding with the help of people remains more positive.

6- Their presence remains wonderful when there is a great deal of age
in the house, but studies say that if there is a big person who will sell me
Alzheimer’s at home, you will have fewer spells when there will be
a dog at home.

7- You will feel safe while at home, but of course they will remain the
most loyal owner of your land at any time.

Reading for dogs – the funniest method to improve your child’s skill

Researchers have revealed that reading to dogs can help improve reading
in children, according to the newspaper, the British “Daily Mail”.

In a study of second-grade students reading aloud to dogs.

After school hours, it was found that these students showed an
improvement in academic reading.

The study opens the way for school reading software, supported by
the use of animals.

Interaction between the child and the animal
The study, conducted by researchers at the Tufts University Institute
for Human-Animal Interaction in # New York, aims to see if the interaction
between children and animals, in the form of reading aloud to dogs in the
classroom, can contribute to improving children’s academic skills.

In this new study, researchers selected second graders from a public
primary school in central Massachusetts.

Program from 6 weeks
28 children were randomly selected from among eligible children,
who had second grade level literacy skills.

Of this group, half of them were randomly assigned to the reading group
for dogs, and the other half to the group that completed the primary
school curriculum.

For 6 weeks, children in the dog reading group were reading to a dog
for 30 minutes, once a week.

Reading skills were evaluated for all children in the two groups twice
a week, and their reading skills were evaluated before and after the
6-week study period.

To assess reading skill, children read passages aloud while teachers
assess their ability to read and understand the text.

This was followed by a questionnaire for children in the first group
that included questions like “How do you feel about reading for fun
at home?” And “How do you feel when you get a book as a gift?”

The second group questionnaire included questions such as “How do
you feel about reading the school training pages?” And “How do you
feel when you read aloud in class?”

Children answer these questions by choosing an illustrated response
from the famous “Garfield” cat, with choices ranging from “the happiest
Garfield” to “the very dissatisfied Garfield.”

After analyzing the results, the researchers found that reading skills
increased significantly in the group of children reading aloud to dogs.

Dr. Lindar says that the results of the study indicate that reading dogs in
an academic atmosphere provides the ability to provide motivation in
children, which will be useful in future research that includes
animal-supported intervention in the academic process.

Dr. Lindner is conducting further research on whether reading for
dogs reduces anxiety and improves reading skills in children between
7 and 11 years old, especially children with poor reading skills.

Dogs or cats … which is more fun?

The study showed that people who love dogs are usually more active,
and they have a tendency to follow the rules and laws and are more
inclined to laugh and humor, while people who love cats are more open,
but they have more sense and a tendency to self-convergence
compared to dog lovers.

The study found that people who love cats have more intelligence
compared to people who love dogs, and also people who love dogs
more than they love dogs.

“The difference in personality is due to the difference in the environment
preferred by cat owners compared to dog owners,” said the study
supervisor, and professor of psychology at the University of Carole,
American Dennis Gustlo.

It should be noted that those who raise dogs have a greater sense of
activity and vitality, unlike those who raise any other pet, as they have
to take their dogs on a daily walk.

There is no doubt that the folded people prefer to stay at home while they
are raising the cats, especially since they do not have to take their cats
with a picnic like the dogs who like to go out a lot.

60% of the study respondents answered that dogs are their favorite,
while 11% chose cats. The rest of the participants considered that their
position was similar in preference between cats and dogs.

Dog lovers found that the sense of companionship is the most attractive
factor in their relationship with their dogs, while cat lovers are attracted
by the feeling of affection for cats.

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