10 ‘Crazy’ Things Dogs do and Why


Dogs like most other pets are friendly but sometimes dramatic creatures. From seriously weird to absolutely funny, intelligent and awesome shows, they are full of intriguing behaviors cum habits that get every pet owners wonder why. There are a long list of funny and weird events one could compile by studying dogs’ behaviors.However, some of these are commoner than the others.



Many of them seem to have many obvious and intrinsic reasons including health inclinations. We have therefore decided to pick which of them is considered the commonest of those habits to explain exactly why these crazy, perhaps weird habits are being execute by these creatures..

Kicking when they are scratched

Every dog owner must have noticed at one time or the other that when the pet gets scratched on certain parts of its body, especially the belly, it twitches the back leg. This reaction could be funny as well as lovely. Some pet owners feel it speaks for excitement, and that the dog probably loves that feeling. The reason for this is not so far from the assumption anyway. Dogs have scratch reflex which is usually reactive in form of tickle, thereby causing irritation on the skin. When you therefore scratch your dog, its nerve endings send signals to the hind leg to get rid of the itching feeling. This usually end up in the involuntary cum spontaneous reaction as conspicuous with the kick.

If you still have any doubt this is why your dog kick its leg while being scratched on the belly, we suggest that you move the scratching to the less sensitive spot on its body, and you will see how truly comfortable could be with such scratches.

Biting their own tails

This is weird and humorous huh? That’s probably what everyone thinks too. However, itching tail isn’t as humorous or enjoyable to a dog as we think. It just want to get rid of that. When a dog does this, it means something is bordering it. Parasites or other things could be the cause, and we have seen cases where dogs give themselves real bruises to this cause. Rather than laugh in fun when you observe your dog bites its tail excessively, we suggest you consult a veterinary doctor to avert harms and injuries.

Crazy after bath

I guess we all see the after-bath drama and ask why.., everyone does! Dogs roll around licking themselves excessively after getting bathed that this could make owners sympathize with them to the point of not wanting to clean them subsequently. The fact here is that, dogs do not like the smell of most chemicals used in the bathing process, especially shampoo. It will try everything possible to eliminate the smell. Another scientific reason why dogs do this is for camouflage. They would rather go unclean than be clean and conspicuous to be able to do camouflages.

Tail chasing

Some dogs always look to chase and attack their own tails. This can be for two obvious reasons. First, dogs hate boredom and would always want to entertain themselves while alone. This happen a lot in puppies. The other reason is obsession. When dogs chase their tails obsessively, this could be due to an obsessive compulsive disorder, and they could end up hurting themselves really hard. The condition could be caused by genetics and stress. Either ways, you might need to visit a vet as soon as possible.

Scratching the ground after poop

You most definitely have seen this before. Dogs scratch the ground repeatedly after defecating to practice hygiene. They kick dirt on top of their own poops to cover them up. Another good reason is although strange, but to spread their smell through their legs where odoriferous glands are concentrated. This they do to mark their territories, making it clear that they have been there.

Rolling around in the ground

If you are looking for a common dog behavior, this is one. Most pet owners have gotten used to it that they stopped to question it. Yet, we have to know dogs do it for pleasure. For instance, if the weather feels hot, a dog might roll on the ground to cool off. Some professionals have even said that rolling textured materials simulates massages for dogs and alleviate itching effects. You know what? We all know dogs are pretty intelligent. They also roll on the floor to gain your attention. Once you think attention is the reason, show your dog some love.

Turning around before sleeping

Seeking a clever and instinctual pet? A dog is just perfect an answer. Normally, a dog will turn around before lying down to be sure the perimeter around are void of dangers. This is just habitual that it can be easily noticed. They also do so to mark the sleeping areas and stamping down on any sorts of twigs and uncomfortable floor matters. The habit might be as a result of obsessive compulsive disorder when a dog practices it too much. Should in case you observe that, you need to consult a vet very quickly.

Smelling each other’s butt

Apart from being a funny one, this usually seem strange to any human that sees it. The behavior can be considered as normal anyway. Dogs’ sense of smell are actually very developed. They smell each other’s butt to gather information about one another. Information they could gather include but are not limited to diet, gender and emotional state.


Depending on dog owner’s state of mind, a howling dog can be very annoying or fascinating. Even when it is fascinating, it might get on to become annoying if it’s taking too much time in the act. Dogs can howl for a list of reasons. They could do that to alert owners of dangers, and other times in celebration or demonstration of happiness. For example, dogs could howl in response to the homecoming of their owners after a long time.

Aside from these, some dogs howl as a symptom of separation anxiety (when you leave the door) or even to demonstrate pains. You therefore have to be aware of the reasons for howling and not just sit to enjoy the excitement or frown the pain they could convey to you.

Dragging of butt on the ground

This particular behavior has purely medical inclination. When your dog drags its butt on the ground, it is obviously suffering from intestinal parasites. The parasite usually fill and discomfort its anal glands resulting into tough itching sensation. To determine the exact cause of this action as well as treat it accordingly, it is advised that you consult a vet. This symptom might be funny but its implication is very serious and should not be overlooked.

Extra: Dogs eating flowers and grasses

The first question that will probably come to mind seeing this is that the dog is probably getting ‘mad’ as it is supposed to be a carnivore. However, the behavior has important message its passing across to pet owners. The dog diet might be lacking in roughages and so the dog devise a mean to get more fiber. When this is the case, you can consult a vet or add more fiber content to the dog’s diet. Similarly, dogs could to eat flowers and herbs if it has eaten what it shouldn’t have. Some of them believe it is a way to make them vomit such poisons in that situation. Whatever the case is, as pet owners, we are advised to observe every  bits of our dog’s behavior and not assume but confirm strange or common behaviors that we have no idea what they are.

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